We are created – whether by flesh or by context – from entities that are akin to us, yet not our perfect, mirrored reflections.

Our sense of self is defined by comparisons and negations for what we value in the balance. What we observe as similarities, we regard as inheritance. What we observe as dissimilarity, we regard as a sense of self.

Nonetheless, in even our most ego-driven decisions, we often find the hidden signatures of influence. Is the self an individual at all, or the greater consonance of a whole written too large for us to comprehend?


|)|55o( : A

|)|55o( : B

|)|55o( : C

|)|55o( : D

|)|55o( : E

|)|55o( : F

|)|55o( : G

|)|55o( : H

|)|55o( : I

|)|55o( : J

|)|55o( : K

|)|55o( : L

|)|55o( : M

|)|55o( : N